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Best Camping tents for Tent Resorts

Updated: May 27, 2020

When it comes to tent design, the #SwissCottagetent has everything you need to create Luxury Resort. Various options are available to customise the Swiss Cottage tent as per weather, land space and design. Check out our essential design features.

Choose from our stunning Swiss Cottage tent

The Outer layer of the tent is most weather load bearing fabric as it is exposed to all extreme weather like Rains, snow, Sun. We use PVC tensile fabric from Ferrari and DuPont coated Canvas. There are many Motifs available to suit your taste, some of them reflection Mughal era to Rajasthani Fort.

Various size options are

  • 24'x12'

  • 24'x14'

Above sizes include Front Porch and Toilet at rear of room to give complete tent a Luxury makeover

Customize the look of your tent using different fabric colours and inner liners with beautiful printing.

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