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Vintage Camp Tent

Vintage Camping tent manufacturer in delhi

Vintage Camping tent is used in Resorts for perfect Camping experience. It comes in various sizes with Verandah in front and back.Fabrics used are Guaranteed Snow proof and can withstand heavy duty Rains. Groundsheet is attached at bottom to make tent Waterproof and Moisture proof. Vintage Camping Tent poles are Steel/Aluminium which are Powder coated/Anodised.

Camping tents range from Obelkempe tent manufacturer

Vintage Mobile Camping tent is a very popular Camping tent used in Wild life Sanctuaries.

Vintage Camping tent manufacturer in delhi

It is very compact in packing and also very fast to pitch and moreover light weight to transport for fast mobility.

Because it is light weight, it is also very popular alternative to fragile Nylon Alpine tents.

Vintage Mobile Camping tent sizes are 10’x10′, 12’x12′, 14’x14′.

Verandah is also provided in this tent which enhances utility and moreover looks.

Fabric used is Waterproof and withstand Heavy Rainfall and snow.

Interiors are decorated with Printed fabrics. Various designs can be used giving ethnical looks, modern looks and can also be used  Elegant Silk liners.

This tent is also called as Camping tent or Outdoor tent, Alpine tent

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Vintage Camp tent
Camping tent Vintage
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