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Yamiter 2men Camping tent

Yamiter2 Camping tent
Yamiter Size sketch

YAMITER 2 Camping tent


Capacity: 2 person Camping tent

Size: 9'8"x 7’

Room: 5’ x 7'

Vestibule Area: 3’7”

Top Fabric: 5000mm PU coated Polyester Fabric - Ripstop weave - Seam sealed with  WP tape. 75 Daniel Fabric, strong enough to withstand Heavy Snow load and Rains

Inner Fabric: Breathable Polyester 

Weight: 3kgs.

Packing size:


1. Clip Hanging system

2. Vestibule in front to keep shoes

3. High quality Fabric to withstand Heavy Rain & snow

4.Breathable Polyester Inner tent fabric which helps 

5.Polyester ropes

6.Buckle system in Outer fly which provide for best pitching

Yamiter 4 season Hiking tents are high quality Camping tents suitable for all weather conditions. The fabric used in Rain fly is upwards of 5000mm PU coating. Rainfly are normally Green & Yellow in colour.

Inner tent has Super fine breathable Polyester fabric with Groundsheet attached.

Groundsheet is TUB shape made from PE fabric (with 10000mm PU coating) which is welded on joints with heat. It is attached with the Inner tent.

Special Buckle system with Rain fly helps in proper pitching by adjusting pressure points

Yamiter Camping tent 2man
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