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Dispensary tent

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Pashupati Enterprises has experience of 65 years as Dispensary tent manufacturer in Delhi. We have been supplying to NGO & Government in supply of Relief tents in big quantities in short period of time.

Relief tent are made as per specifications can be done like size, fabric qualities, poles, frame depending upon weather conditions.


Dispensary tent

Dimensions           5x5.5 M

Useable Area          27.5 M2 (Approx)

Center Height           2.5M

Wall Height               1.8 M

People                       12-20 Persons Capacity

Specifications of Dispensary tent


Fabric : Made pf Polyester cotton canvas water ,rot proof + UV resistance 440 g/m2(-/+5%)

Ground Sheet & Mud flap:-Optional: Made of 540g/m2(+/-5%)PVC Both side Coated fabric

Separation:-Optional: Inner Separation with the same tent .FABRIC 440G/m2 PC canvas

Door & Windows :-2 Doors + 4 Windows

Workmanship:- All seam double stitched & stressed points rein forced

Accessories:- Complete Steel galvanized steel frame structure 30/1.5 MM, iron pegs, ground pins, guy ropes etc.prises

Pashupati Enterprises

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