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Sleeping Bag

Sleeping bag manufacturer in Delhi India for Jaqana Sleeping bags which are Ultralight  and Compact in packing size for Camping & trekking

Sleeping bags manufacturer in India for last 65 years in India.
Our Sleeping bags are customised manufactured for Camping purpose keeping in mind requirements of Camping & hiking, with temperature range from +25 degree Celsius to – 25 degree Celsius.


Made from High quality Nylon Ripstop fabric in Outer shell and Silk touch liner, they are smooth and soft to skin, this is highly suitable for Camping.

Our Sleeping bags are manufactured as per European quality standards, carry 2 years warranty for Manufacturing defects. All accessories are selected with care to take quality standards as per latest research and benefit buyer.


Jaqana Sleeping bag have various Insulation fibres as per required temperature requirements of hikers like Hollow fibre, Original Goose down & Prima loft. It is used to get best combination of temperature and price.

Wind baffle is provided beneath zipper as wind blocker.

Our Goose down filled Nordic Sleeping bag have been used in temperatures of -25 degree celsius.


Zips and sliders used in bags are YKK made in Japan, a brand known for longest life span in all weather conditions.


Every Sleeping bag is provided with carry handle Waterproof fabric bag and attachable to backpacks. Attached Carry handle for easy attachment with Rucksack and bags.

Sleeping bag manufacturer in Delhi with huge range of bags, Sleeping bag supplier

Sleeping Bag Models
Jaqana 300 Sleeping Bag
Sleeping bag Jaqana 300.jpg
Sleeping bag Jaqana 300.jpg
Ultralight Sleeping bag.png
Alaska 300 Sleeping bag.jpeg
Ultralight Green sleeping bag.jpg
Alaska 400 Sleeping bag.jpeg
Lite Year Sleeping bag.jpg
Nordic sleeping bag.png
K0 blue sleeping bag .JPG.jpg
K1 Ultralight Sleeping bag Blue .png
K2 Ultralight Sleeping bag.jpg
Iceland Sleeping bag A.JPG.jpg
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