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Hospital Tent

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Hospital tent


Pashupati Enterprises is Hospital tent manufacturer in Delhi since 1965. We have many size options in Hospital tents.





Fabric used in Hospital tent manufacture is Guarantee Waterproof and is treated Fungus proof. Various fabric options can be PVC, Canvas, Poly/Cotton Canvas, all are waterproof and Rot proof. PVC is also UV resistant and best suited for Long term usage.

Hospital Tent can be supported on Steel poles or Steel Frame as per choice of customer, frames are Powder coated and made in sections using Joints to keep packing volume compact and easy to transport. Separate Bags are provided to make handling easy of an individual tent.

Such type of Emergency Tents have best of quality materials like  zipper are YKK made in Japan to provide best quality standard, PVC Fabric from Ferrari, Diamond Canvas with DU Pont coating. Steel accessories are all Galvanised to provide protection against Rust. Ropes are also treated.

Optional Groundsheet is 450gsm PVC coated Fabric to provide Water and Dew resistance and protection against snakes, ants. PVC Mud flaps are also optional & are stitched.

Windows are fitted with Mosquito nets and also have Rain flaps.

Tent bag can be customised in required design

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hospital tent manufacturer in Delhi, India

​Products in Emergency Tent

hospital tent manufacturer in India

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