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Relief tent

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Pashupati tents have wide experience of 45 years as a Relief tent manufacturer and manufacturing various tents like Rubb Hall tent, Hospital tent, Emergency tents, Isolation tent, Relief tent supplier,White Rub Hall tent.

We have been serving all needs of NGO, Government in the supply of Relief tents in bulk quantities in a short period of time.

Emergency Relief tents are customised as per specifications like size, fabric qualities, poles, frame depending upon weather conditions.

Most popular models are:

Rubb Hall tent

Refugee tent

Hospital tent

Dispensary tent

Emergency tents

White Rubb Hall tent

PVC Relief tent

Single fly Relief tents due to fast mobility, compact packing & fast production.

Double fly tents for Cold & hot weather conditions

Hospital tent

MSF Frame tent


Common sizes in Relief tent are:




Groundsheets are optional

We have provided Relief tents, tarpaulins, Utensils, Emergency Kits in Gujrat Earthquake, Kashmir Earthquake, Tsunami, Nepal Earthquake

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