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Relief tent Family type DF

Relief Tent Family version.jpg

Pashupati Enterprises has experience of 45 years as Relief tent manufacturer. We have been supplying to NGO & Government in supply of Relief tents in big quantities in short period of time.

Relief tent are made as per specifications can be done like size, fabric qualities, poles, frame depending upon weather conditions.

Full range of Relief tent also known as Family Ridge tent


Double fly Relief tents are popular due to fast mobility, compact packing & fast production.

Common sizes in Relief tents are:

Fabric is Waterproof and Rot proof




Groundsheets are optional, main fabric used is PE fabric. or PVC (double side coated from 550gsm and above

Poles are Powder coated , Zinc coated, hot dip.

Fabrics are chemically treated for Waterproofing & fungus proof.

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