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Umbrella Patio Umbrella

Garden Umbrella

Jaqana Garden Umbrella are multi purpose product which are used in Gardens, Lawns. Also called Patio Umbrellas, Garden Umbrellas, Swimming pool Umbrella which are made from Steel Frame, Aluminium Frame, Stainless Steel which are treated Powder or anodised or polished to make it Rust proof.

Our Umbrella are also used in Restaurants, Gardens, Parties and Swimming pool.

Dia:8′ dia

Colours: Green, Off white, Maroon, Fawn

Base plate: 9kg, included with Umbrella

Packing : Single piece per Cartoon

Fabric: Waterproof

Pashupati Enterprises is 100 years of history as tent manufacturer in India

California Umbrella.jpg
California Umbrella.png
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