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Extendable Tent 


















4m x 4m Extendable tent manufacturer in Delhi India

Extendable tent manufacturer in Delhi India making Army tent for Defence forces requirement. We are Luxury tent manufacturer supplier for last 65 years.

We Export tents to various countries by Sea and Air.


Tent sizes can be customised, most common size is 4mtr x 4mtr.

Outer fabric of Cottage tent is Waterproof Fabric

Our tents are pitched in over 500 locations in India.

Groundsheet is made of 100% water and moisture proof fabrics and are manufactured in a way to sealed the room for providing complete protection to living room from Rodents, snakes as most tents are pitched in Wildlife Sanctuary, Hills with abundant Natural beauty.

Our Luxury Mughal tents are pitched all across India in various Resorts, Jungle Inns, Hotels, Beach Resorts, Hill Stations, Coffee plantations, beaches with more than 500 tent Resorts.

Some of the best Jungle Cottage tent in India can be found in South India famous for it's Pristine Forest. 

Extendable Tent is supported on Steel Frame (which is powder coated or Galvanised) to withstand moisture, Heavy Winds and Snow pressure.

tent manufacturer

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Extendable tent manufacturer

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