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Camping tents


Jaqana 2.jpg
Jaqana 2 ~ 2men Camping tent
Jaqana 2V Camping tent.jpg
Jaqana 2V ~ 2men Camping tent
Jaqana 3 Camping tent for Camping.JPG
Jaqana 3 ~ 3men Camping tent
Zamiter 4.jpg
Zamiter 4 ~ 4men Glamping tent
Bell tent Glamp tent.jpg
Glamp tent ~ Glamping tent
Jaqana 4a.jpg
Jaqana 4 ~ 4men Camping tent
Zamiter 6men Camping tent.jpg
Zamiter 6 ~ 6men Glamping tent

Alpine Camping tent.jpg
Alpine Camping tent
Alpine tent.png
Alpine tent

Glamping tent manufacturer in Delhi India

Glamping tent manufacturer in Delhi India making Luxury Safari tent for Resort tent requirement. We are Luxury Safari tents supplier for last 65 years.

We Export tents to various countries by Sea and Air.

Glamping tents are Super Luxury tents to provide feeling of out of world in your tent heavenly abode.

We have been providing Glamping tents since last 65 years and are on constant move to improve and meet our customers demands which changes every year with ever evolving standards.


Our Glamping tents range of tents include:




Luxury Wooden



We are using many materials to manufacture our range of Luxury tents like PVC from Ferrari, Dupont coated Canvas to printed motif liners.

Boutique tents have been famous in various countries now for providing experience inside wildlife sanctuary, jungle safari, hill top, etc.

Jungle Safari tent manufacturer Delhi

Jungle Safari tent exporter


Tent manufacturer

Glamping tent manufacturer

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